Why TriStar ?

  • We focus on the significance of excellent human capital to produce sustained growth and profits.
  • We have adopted methodologies to ensure timely and quality services.
  • We promise to give your business a competitive edge.
  • We are a debt free, internally financed, fast growing company in India.
  • We have been providing HR related services for more than twelve years to our clients.
  • We are target oriented and provide customized services to our clients.
  • We are running our own race and living the truth because it requires great strength to leave the crowd and be honest to our original nature.
  • We believe in innovation and improvement.
  • We believe in collaborative orientation and teamwork.
  • Our work culture promotes healthy competition at the workplace where the employees seek due recognition and appreciation from their senior leaders by putting in their best efforts to perform better.
  • We constantly encourage and motivate our employees to perform well.
  • There is a proper flow of policies and procedures in our company.
  • Every employee has a well-defined role to play and thus there is no role ambiguity.
  • We follow a collaborative culture where we value and encourage our employees when they come up with innovative ideas and suggestions.
  • We have a friendly environment.
  • We have a healthy and a spacious workspace.
  • We are not just any other consultant instead we are your Hiring partners who provides a wide range of HR related services. We are a complete Human Resource company.
  • We make sure that our employees have a high morale and can work to their potential.
  • We are fast growing, evolving and have a strong vision.
  • We take care of our employees’ career goals and development.

As they say, it’s the experience that counts. We have been in the Human Resources industry since a decade now.

We are clean-slate and debt free and also passionate about the services which we provide.

Everyone working at TriStar has a well-defined and satisfying role to play and for us Clients comes first. We are the best service providers in the market and you can easily bank on us.Subscribe to our newsletter to know more about the way we function.

Industries we cater to

Retail, FMCG, FMCD, Services & Others

Telecom & Subsidiaries

Agriculture, Dairy, Chemicals & Pharmacy

Garments & Fashion

Engineering & Manufacturing

Media & Entertainment and PR


Mining, Metals, Oil, Gas & Energy

Financial/ Legal

Logistics/ Supply Chain/ Transportation/ Shipping

Automobiles & Subsidiaries

Hospitality & Aviation


Sales and Marketing

Infrastructure & Construction.

Real Estate and Broking companies


And a lot more