“You Need To Have a Collaborative Hiring Process”
“Choose The Right Manpower….Choose TriStar”

Getting the best people working for you can be a tedious task. It involves taking care of every single detailing but with TriStar by your side you can sit back, relax and focus on your core business.

There are two critical concepts- recruitment and selection which are often used interchangeably. However there is a fine line of difference between the two. Recruitment is considered to be a positive process that involves attracting and obtaining applications from potential job seekers. It aims at generating a pool of capable people to apply for a particular job position in an organization. On the other hand selection is regarded as a negative process that involves sorting the appropriate candidates for the job position from the generated pool. We recruit the best people which increases your selection ratio. Recruitment and Selection play a crucial role in shaping the performance of an organization. Recruitment is a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting the manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force.

TriStar is the suitable vaccination when it comes to Recruitments and Staffing.
“Knowing what to do is not the major challenge faced by the managers, Finding WHO to do is”

WHO is majorly the area of concern in all organizations, here at TriStar we shall sort all your WHO related problems. The most important decisions which the organizations and companies should make are not WHAT decisions, but WHO decisions. WHO refers to the people you put in place to make the WHAT decisions. Once you make better WHO decisions, you can make good profits and invest more time on the core business. We can solve your WHO related problem easily.

Recruitments and Talent acquisition today is a much more complicated process in companies than it used to be a few years ago. Each phase of the recruitment cycle, from targeting the right candidate to a smooth joining process, has its own unique challenges imposed by evolving market conditions, technology and process. Though many companies have got one phase or the other right, the bigger challenge is to optimize the entire recruitment cycle and ensure that each phase in itself and the entire cycle, function smoothly and efficiently. This requires a thorough understanding of recruitment life cycle and more importantly a focused team dedicated to optimizing the recruitment cycle.

TriStar Management Services provides you the timely needed employees as per your requirements. We understand your needs and makes hiring simpler for you. Finding people who deliver quality performance is our priority. Better Hiring can help you win races.

Recruitment Process we follow-
  • Studying and evaluating your manpower needs.
  • Analyzing the Job Description sent by you.
  • Starting our executive research and finding candidates through our wide range of specialized sources.
  • Calling the candidates and explaining them the job roles.
  • After Preliminary screening, scheduling the interviews with the clients.
  • Salary negotiations.
  • Verification of the candidate as per client’s needs and demands.
  • Complete follow-up till the date of joining.
We Also Provide Candidate’s Free Replacement Guarantee
We specialize into-
  • Bulk Hiring-
  • With 12+ years of experience in Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment we have a commendable experience in Sourcing, Screening and Selection process of the prospective candidates for Organizations across the length and breadth of India who are Multinationals and Internationals. For every Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment process we build database based on the agreed terms with the client, which will be arrived only after thorough study of the Industry norms, Management preference and Local viability. Our Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment process is unique because of the scientific test tools which we use during the screening and selection processes.

  • Temp staffing-
  • Temporary staffing provides a flexible, cost-effective and quick solution for your staffing needs. TriStar has proven expertise, innovation, flexibility and access to resource to meet an organization's temporary staffing needs. TriStar has successfully developed its business and service portfolio to adjust to the changing needs of its clients. Temporary Staffing practice is suitable for organizations that need additional and dedicated resources for immediate project requirements. Temporary assignments can last for a few days, weeks or months and generally cover up for vacations, maternity leave, sick leave and seasonal or peak loads. TriStar has the resources and infrastructure to mobilize a single person or an entire workforce based on the client's need, and deliver to their expectations. TriStar also offers advice and consultancy in planning your short term, specific project or seasonal staffing requirements. If you have regular employee absences, need to cover maternity leave, or have seasonal demands, hiring temp staff eliminates the need to appoint a permanent resource that is not required year-round.

  • Campus Hiring-
  • It provides a platform to pick the best candidates for different job profiles. Besides getting a wider choice, the employers also save a lot of time in recruitment. Most of the young job seekers are talented and ready to accept challenges. So, the most challenging assignments can be given to this fresh blood. Students also get the option to choose and screen their employers this way, according to their skills and interests. It also saves them a lot of time and frustration involved with job hunting. We have conducted Campus placements at various colleges and the candidates have got their dream jobs.

  • We are hiring for all levels-
  • From entry level positions to mid-levels and higher levels, we have managed to hire potential candidates at all levels.

  • PAN India Recruitment-
  • We have been successfully catering PAN India recruitment and staffing for our clients.

  • Hiring for all industries-
  • We have been hiring for all major industries at various levels and locations.

  • International Recruitment-
  • We also do international hiring for all mandates.

Right people energizes the company and gives positive results. We promise to be your hiring partners and shall give you a clear linkage between the people you hire and your strategy.

We shall make sure that the potential candidate becomes your employee, who will have the energy, drive, speed and commitment.

Our sourcing and hiring team majorly focuses on following basic criteria-
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Strong knowledge of business
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to grasp quickly
“We don’t hire Generalist, We hire Specialist”
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