Support Services

1) Employee and Background Verification-
  • The verification is carried out based on the complete documents provided by you and the exercise begins only after the candidate authorizes you as his employer to carry out this exercise.
  • A dedicated client account manager at TriStar will handle the verification process for your esteemed organization.
  • The concerned Account Manager will ensure that the deliverables are met.
  • The Senior Manager/Manager - Operations will periodically liaise with your HR team to address concerns proactively.
  • TriStar will report the progress of each case and also update you with the status tracker on weekly basis.
  • While TriStar will acknowledge the receipt of cases, you will also acknowledge the receipt of the final reports.
  • TriStar will assist you in ensuring that the candidates fill up declaration forms accurately.
  • The final report will be sent/made available to you within 15 Business Days from the date of receipt of complete cases - i.e. Candidate Declaration Forms (CDFs), along with the requisite supporting documents, based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), barring exceptions.
  • The Turn Around Time (TAT) is calculated only after the CDF and complete supporting documents are sent to TriStar.
  • Whenever a delay is envisaged, these will be intimated to you for an extension of TAT, with clear information on the reason for the delay.
  • Verification of a candidate’s background and credentials is essential to an organization’s hiring process
  • Our verification services cover the entire gamut of your requirements for employees Verification from simple verification checks to comprehensive ones including criminal record checks
It’s very important to know WHO is working for you.
2) Training and Development-
  • We provide consultative approach and helps you transform your learning and training challenges into Dynamic business prospects.
  • We provide enviable team of qualified, expert and highly experienced trainers.

Training and Development provides a systematic and continuous activity that aims at developing the skills and knowledge of the new employees and upgrading the skill sets of the existing employees. Training is an organized process of imparting skills and knowledge to the employees with an aim of improving their productivity. Training and education are complementary to each other. An organization selects employees on the basis of their education. However, while imparting training, it is presumed that the employees have a certain level of education. There are different factors that create a need for training in an organization, such as induction of new employees, performance improvement and employee morale. The process of training involves various steps such as reviewing the organizational objectives, assessing the training needs and evaluating the training program. Development is a long term process that aims at improving inter-personal and leadership skills of the employees. Though Training is a part of Development, both the process are different from each other in their scope, validity and applicability.

Employees are a valuable asset for an organization and training enhances the value of the asset. Training and Development has a wide range of advantages-

  • It helps in improving the quantity and quality of the work output by enhancing the knowledge, skills and the productivity of the employees.
  • It reduces the learning time and cost required to reach the acceptable level of performance.
  • It brings uniformity in the performance of the employees.
  • It involves identifying the promising employees and training them for the higher job roles which in turn prevents managerial obsolescence.
  • It helps the employees to make better and economical use of materials and equipment.
  • It facilitates less industrial accidents.
  • It facilitates delegation and decentralization of authority
  • It reduces the rate of absenteeism and labor turnover.
  • It enables employees to utilize and develop their potential.
  • It improves employee’s job satisfaction and morale by developing a positive attitude among them.
  • It reduces the need for detailed supervision of employees by making them self-reliant.

Rapid technological changes have increased the need for formal and organized training. Organizations have the responsibility of giving the required training to their employees depending on the on-going changes. It may take few hours, few days, few weeks or months to train the employees depending on their work, existing knowledge and experience.

3) DSA Module-

We also work as Direct Selling Agents for your company. We take care of your marketing and sales of the products as well as services.

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